Sunday, November 23, 2008

Murphy's Law strikes... #1 (because it will continue to happen over and over again)

I'm due to return to Oz on Wednesday.

Only for 2 days.

Woollu (sweet husband of mine) is supposed to be coming with me on what will be his first trip on a "big plane", his first time out of the country, his first time seeing traffic lights... Ok, you get the point, there will be a lot of firsts.

It's going to be special!

So, of course, something has to go wrong and spoil all the fun.

I discovered yesterday what appears to be a clot in one of the superficial veins of my leg. My leg looks like someone has wrapped a blue chord around it like a maypole because the vein is so congested!

The implications of this discovery is that I may be banned from flying, and if I am allowed to fly I will need to have injections in my tummy, and take tablets, and wear compression stockings (in sweaty tropical heat!), and will have to go to the doctor in lieu of going shopping in the big smoke!!!

Murphy's Law strikes again!

Addit: Just had my first injection in my tummy and boy did it hurt! That's gonna leave one heck of a bruise!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Christmas trouble... not Christmas cheer...

I have decided that I'm firing my dogs.

I'm taking them back to the island dog store and getting new ones... preferrably ones that pay attention to what's going on around them!

I can open the back gate, walk up through the garden, whistling and chatting away, up to the house, up the stairs on to the back porch, and open the back door and get inside before they appear, wagging their tails and with looks on their faces that say "Gee Mum, where have you been?".

Useless so and sos.

Woollu (my husband) discovered this morning that someone had tried to get into our house last night by tearing the flyscreen on the back window that looks on to the verandah and breaking one of the glass louvres.

We asked the neighbours if they heard anything and one of them said he heard glass break at our place while he was watching the news last night (which means that it was after 7pm and dark outside). He came outside and started calling out but no one answered and he didn't see anyone... except the dogs who had been sleeping under the house the whole time!!

They are definitely sacked!

Nothing was taken luckily. The hole in the screen isn't big enough for anyone to have gotten through. We figure the glass breaking and the neighbour investigating frightened whoever it was off.

The people who call themselves "the authorities", are saying that there has been an increase in theft and break-ins around The Capital in the lead up to Christmas, with people looking for money and things to sell, and items to keep and give as Christmas presents.

The hypocrisy of such a thing happening in a country that prides itself as standing on Christian values, and the dichotomy that is created by the mix of poverty and consumerism, can be both disheartening and intriguing, and certainly gives one food for thought. One can only wonder if lessons will be learnt by those destructive people who see fit to steal from children, hard workers, and families who have just as little.

As for us, we've learnt our lesson.

We're now looking out for another dog.

Preferrably one that barks!

Monday, November 17, 2008

A new name... A new face... A new blog...

It's been a long time since I've blogged... more than 12 months in fact.

Due, in varying ratios, to lack of time, third world internet, and a lack of things to write about, my last blog sank beneath the pacific waters to lie dormant, like an old volcano.

But I've decided now that it's time to assume a new identity and get back to blogging.
To share with people the idiosyncracies of my weird and wonderful world.
To rant and rave.
Bitch and moan.
And to celebrate the things and people that make me enjoy life!

Despite the third world telecommunications, I'm back with a vengeance!