Sunday, November 23, 2008

Murphy's Law strikes... #1 (because it will continue to happen over and over again)

I'm due to return to Oz on Wednesday.

Only for 2 days.

Woollu (sweet husband of mine) is supposed to be coming with me on what will be his first trip on a "big plane", his first time out of the country, his first time seeing traffic lights... Ok, you get the point, there will be a lot of firsts.

It's going to be special!

So, of course, something has to go wrong and spoil all the fun.

I discovered yesterday what appears to be a clot in one of the superficial veins of my leg. My leg looks like someone has wrapped a blue chord around it like a maypole because the vein is so congested!

The implications of this discovery is that I may be banned from flying, and if I am allowed to fly I will need to have injections in my tummy, and take tablets, and wear compression stockings (in sweaty tropical heat!), and will have to go to the doctor in lieu of going shopping in the big smoke!!!

Murphy's Law strikes again!

Addit: Just had my first injection in my tummy and boy did it hurt! That's gonna leave one heck of a bruise!



So, you can't go on your trip???

Michele sent me. Pleased to meet you. Hugs. :-)

utenzi said...

That is terribly bad fortune on your part, Olyal. But it's nice that your husband will get a chance to see where you grew up. I hope your clot breaks up in a safe way. As a nurse, you know the nasty situations those things can cause.

Carmi said...

I'm hoping everything works out for you, as you deserve a little happiness and health. OK, a LOT of happiness and health.

Keep us posted - on your veins and on your trip. Travel safe, my friend.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Well, that's a real drag, my dear!
But...Better Safe Than Sorry....
I hope this will allow you to fly....This certainly is a BIG trip with lots of New things for your dear Hubby, and, in turn, you! And sounds like it is going to be quite amazing!